Undergraduate - BS Degree Completion Program for MLTs

For Applicants with an Associate’s Degree in Laboratory Science

Certified MLT’s qualify for special admission with less than 60 hours of credit.  An MLT applicant must have a minimum of 44 non-MLT semester hours of transferable credit for admission as a full-time student (38 hours for part-time admission).  The transfer hours must include:

    • Biology: 8 hours
    • Chemistry: 8 hours
    • Mathematics: 3 hours
    • English: 6 hours of composition

MLTs admitted under special status are required to complete science (4 credits), humanities (3 credits), and social sciences (3 credits) requirements for regular admission before they qualify for graduation.

MLS credits may be granted for upper level course requirements through challenge examinations or exemptions based on documented competencies, depending upon a student’s past academic performance in previous course work and clinical experience. Please see the MLT Guidelines for additional information.

MLTs who meet the exemption eligibility requirements for the junior level laboratory portions of the curriculum may take the MLS coursework online.

Application Process

The electronic portions of the application procedures (including letters of references) must be submitted no later than midnight on March 15.  In addition, all transcripts must be received (not postmarked) in the Office of Admissions on or before March 15. We will continue to accept applications until we have reached capacity.

Following review of admission credentials, some applicants may require an interview with the admissions committee.  If an interview is needed, the department will contact you.  Applicants are notified of committee decisions at the earliest possible date. 

To apply, please visit the VCU undergraduate website.

Additional Information for Students

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